Bankruptcy Litigation - test
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Bankruptcy Litigation

Our unique combination of complex litigation and bankruptcy skills allow us to comfortably handle lawsuits that arise in the course of bankruptcies.


Although lawsuits are not usually a part of most bankruptcies, sometimes a debtor may bring a lawsuit, or other times have a lawsuit brought against them. Not all bankruptcy attorneys are experienced litigators, and sometimes even experienced litigators can find navigating complex litigation in bankruptcy court difficult.


Because we are litigation attorneys, we have the experience to represent clients in  adversary proceedings and other insolvency related litigation.  We often defend companies and individuals  in preference, fraudulent transfer and other avoidance actions that are commonly used by debtors against creditors that have received payments before the debtor’s bankruptcy filing.  We also served as special counsel for debtors who are bringing claims against creditors and are looking for lawyers with bankruptcy litigation experience.  We work hard to resolve these matters, but do not hesitate to aggressively fight for our clients.