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Complex Litigation

A civil dispute can threaten your family’s financial well-being or the very survival of your business.


Our firm has experience handling complex civil cases involving millions of dollars.  In a wide range of difficult and contentious disputes, we help individual and business clients recover their losses and protect their rights.


When it makes sense, we know how to negotiate a resolution that protects our client’s interests without a trial.  But when necessary, we do not hesitate to fight aggressively in court or arbitration to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.


High Quality Work Without “Big Firm” Prices


Our team has been recognized by other lawyers as being among the best in the state.  We approach commercial disputes with a simple goal — to obtain the best possible results for our clients in the most cost effective manner.  One way we do this by offering alternative fee structures that can make pursuing a case more affordable and attractive:


  • Blended Fees: In most cases where our clients are the Plaintiffs, we offer our clients the option of blended fee billing, where we work at a significantly reduced hourly rate, but also receive a percentage of any recovery in the case.
  • Flat Fees: In some cases, we will offer our clients the option of a single flat fee regardless of the amount of time a case may take.
  • Success Fees:  With a “success” fee, we will reduce our hourly fee in exchange for a bonus paid only if we obtain an agreed upon result or better.
  • Fixed Monthly Retainer: Whether a case is billed on a traditional hourly basis or one of these alternate bases, we offer our clients the choice of a fixed monthly retainer that stays the same for the duration of the case, making costs predictable.
  • Hourly Fees: In all litigation cases, our clients have the option of traditional by-the-hour billing, which is billed in tenths-of-an-hour increments at rates that vary by attorney.