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Individual Bankruptcy



Could bankruptcy help free you from a crushing debt burden or save your home?


It is a Federal program, enforced by the courts, that can stop foreclosure, repossessions and garnishment; save your home or your car; let you rebuild your life.


Lawsuit or Judgment?


We know that moving forward with bankruptcy is serious decision, and our job is to provide the information and counsel you need to help make it.  If you have been sued because you owe money, it does not mean that you have to file for bankruptcy immediately. But, defending a lawsuit is expensive — and if the suits are for debts that you owe, there are not many ways you can win. If you do nothing, a default judgment will be entered against you, and the creditor can begin to try to sell your assets and get a lien on your house to satisfy their judgment.


Bankruptcy stops creditor lawsuits from going forward. And, if your debts are discharged in bankruptcy, the lawsuit will be dismissed. In some cases, it can even remove existing judgments that are already liens on your home.


Overwhelmed by Debt?


Financial pressure is stress that never lets go. When you’re fielding calls from debt collectors, receiving endless letters about late and overdue payments, or are worried about whether the bank is going to foreclose on your home, your worries never leave.


This is especially true with credit card debt. Credit card companies, or collectors who buy up credit card debt and try to collect on it, can be relentless. They’re notoriously aggressive and can harass you at all hours. They’ll do everything legally possible, and sometimes go beyond the law, in their pursuit of you and your money.


Bankruptcy can stop it all. When credit card creditors hound you every day, filing for bankruptcy will give you immediate protection from them. Give us a call to learn how bankruptcy will give you the time and the freedom to get your finances in order, deal with your debt, and even eliminate the payments you thought would never go away.