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What We Do

Complex Litigation

A civil dispute can threaten your family’s financial well-being or the very survival of your business.

Our firm has experience handling complex civil cases involving millions of dollars.  In a wide range of difficult and contentious disputes, we help individual and business clients recover their losses and protect their rights.

Criminal Defense

We defend people accused of serious crimes in State and Federal Court.

These cases include white-collar offenses, narcotics violations and first-degree murder.  Cases of this magnitude demand immediate attention when charged and thorough investigation and preparation throughout the litigation.  Over the years, we have developed resources and relationships to quickly, vigorously and thoroughly defend our clients.

Individual Bankruptcy

Stop.  Save.  Rebuild.

Could bankruptcy help free you from a crushing debt burden or save your home?  It is a Federal program, enforced by the courts, that can stop foreclosure, repossessions and garnishment; save your home or your car; let you rebuild your life.We know that moving forward with bankruptcy is serious decision, and our job is to provide the information and counsel you need to help make it.

Business Bankruptcy and Restructuring

For a small to mid-sized business struggling with debt, bankruptcy can offer a way out.

We will work with you to restructure your business.  Sometime, we will help you to liquidate your business in an order way to try to get taxes and other important debts paid, or to help you get a fresh start with a new entity.  If bankruptcy is not the best option for your business (and often it is not) we will not hesitate tell you that, and help you to negotiate a debt workout.

Administrative Proceedings

When your license to practice your profession or your privilege to continue your education is in jeopardy, you need someone willing and able to navigate the complex disciplinary proceedings and help you maintain your ability to work or complete your education.

Whether you are dealing with the State Bar, the Medical Board, another professional licensing organization, or a student disciplinary process, we will guide you through the process, assist with answering grievances, and represent you in hearings before the disciplinary tribunals.

College Disciplinary Hearings

Today’s students face greater scrutiny and potential consequences for behavior tolerated in the past.

A campus investigation does not insulate you against criminal or civil proceedings. More likely, it will lead to additional problems off campus. Anticipate and prepare for collateral consequences.  You need an advocate with experience navigating these proceedings.  We are experienced on state and federal courts throughout North Carolina and have advised hundreds of students facing university disciplinary proceedings.